Big kudos to my buddy Camille Herron on being selected USATF’s 2016 Ultra Road Runner of the Year.  Tony Migliozzi was the men’s honoree.   Both were the 2015 World 50K Champions after all.

Do I have something to say about this?  Yep.  I know how our USATF organization works.  I’ve sat behind those doors.

Camille has been burning up the USATF MUT circuit for the last few years.  Serves on the WLDR Executive Committee, I sat at that table too.

USATF tends to reward its own.  Run the Championship races and you get a shiny star on your nomination.  Make a World Team and you’re almost a lock.  Its the USATF Annual Awards Banquet.

Ultra Running, like the rest of our sport, is undergoing a seminal period.  And we have two pioneers pushing limits right here in Nebraska.  Pushing?  Nay!  Re-Defining!  To lengths not seen in generations or ever.

I nominated both Kaci and Pete for *MUT’s Running’s highest honor.  *Mountain Ultra Trail
Had been waiting anxiously for the vote, the winners announced yesterday.  After congratulating our winners I immediately reached out to my athletes.

Look, Kaci had the best 2016 of any ultra female in the United States.  To quote our president elect, “Believe It!”  And if you think for a moment that Pete’s CR at Badwater and WR transcontinental run weren’t the performances of the year by any ultra runner, anywhere, then please just move along.

You read it here first folks.  2017 Ultra Road Runners of the Year, Kaci and Pete.