Without a playbook.

Life is dynamic and thank goodness for that.  It is how you handle those changes that really define you.  I’ve always been one to look for silver linings, preferring optimism over gloom and doom.

We are all blessed with challenges and obstacles in our lives.  Imagine how boring it would be to have nothing but smooth sailing, yawn.

That’s one of the reasons I like Omaha.  Its a desirable place to put in but there are some pretty stormy seas to negotiate to keep things interesting.

Or put another way, its like walking through a well tended lawn that has been liberally sprinkled with dog turds.  You’ve got to keep your eyes open or you’ll be smelling like doo doo in no time.

So I’ll continue my dance among the turdulence, landing lightly as I may, making each unchoreographed and exhilarating stride part of my chapter in Nebraska running lore.



Cranked out a foggy set of 1K repeats at the dojo yesterday.

Be sure and get registered for the Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Runs, entry fees go up this Friday!