I’ve just concluded a little research on Sunday’s race performances.  All due respect to our young studs and studettes but check these WAVA table age-graded performances:
Stacy Shaw’s 3:03 :18, at age 46 is worth 2:45:13.  Natalie Jetensky’s 3:07:56 at age 41 is worth 2:57:09.  Linda Barnhart’s 1:32:07 at age 48 is worth 1:20:01.  Brian Bergt’s 1:22:27 at age 50 equates to 1:12:55.  Kraig Vanderbeek’s 1:20:59 at age 46 is rated at 1:15:08, and my seemingly paltry 42:40 at age 53 is worth a better sounding 36:25.

Stacy rated as an Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier (sub 2:46), I wish TNB would have been around for her back in the 90s.  Linda’s age graded performance would have given her the win!  And she’s not happy with her time.

I hope you too are giving it your ALL when you get to be our ages.  Running, the sport for a lifetime!

Jen Viehrig is toeing the line at the Twin Cities Marathon this weekend.  I can’t wait to see how she does at the “Big Show” as she has a lot of talent, determination, and motivation.  I think she will knock 391 seconds off of her 3:01 pr.   Megan Zavorka will also be in Minneapolis running the USA Women’s 10 Mile National Championships.

Then there’s the little matter of the Market to Market Relay, the premiere Novelty Event of the year in Nebraska.  We’ll have a dozen and a half of our studs once again crushing all competition.  I did my part by running 3 times this past Sunday.  Got up and ran at 4:00 am, ran the 10K at 7 am, and then another 5 miler at 3:30 pm (this one barefoot).  We’ll see how well Peter & Paul have orchestrated this, if all goes according to plan it will be the Mates v. the Mates sprinting down the final stretch for the win.  I’m picking my Co-Ed team to take the overall, sorry Paul.

The Race for the Cure 5K is Sunday and we’ll have a few mates in there too.

Whew!  We’ve got so many talented people on TNB, it seems like we are able to load up every single weekend.  Standard bearers for excellence in running in Nebraska!

Don’t forget that tomorrow evening we will be meeting at Chalco Hills to preview the Swamp Stomp 8K XC course.  6:00 pm sharp, we’ll have some Great Fun and Fellowship!

The Swamp Stomp is one of the most unique events of the year with its Cajun themed presentation and an opportunity to run through our “Swamp”.  Number 88 finally realizes that is his shoe stuck in the mud behind him and does retrieve it.