Enjoy the occasional column title in Spanish.  Nothing too difficult, if you don’t speak it you generally figure out what the message is.

Today is a tribute to my buddy Jedediah.  Off to the Humane Society before breakfast, when we pick him up this afternoon, he’ll have no balls (sin pelotas).  Pobre perrito (poor puppy)!  His insistence on “marking” my side of the bed to demonstrate his alpha delusions led to the decision.  And it is the right thing to do after all.

I knew our dear Stacy Shaw was right in the midst of Monday’s tragedy but had no idea she will forever hold the distinction as the “Last Finisher” of the 117th Boston Marathon.  Here is the link to this morning’s Boston Globe story:

From my buddy Randi Stevenson, Editor at

“Hi Will,
The World-Herald is doing a ‘Run to Boston Challenge’ — basically readers can dedicate their running miles to Boston, which is 1,436 miles from Omaha. Once we get that many miles dedicated, we’ll run something in the paper.  I know you’re pretty connected in the running community, so anyway you can help get the word out would be great.”

Here is more info: 

The 2 Lazy 2 Ranch is starting to take shape.   Big Thanks to our buddy Bill Weeks.   Linda & I have hired ourselves on to bring some agrarian attitude to this piece of land in Yutan.   I dig the concept of this degree of self suffiency.  No boss (Never More!), no interminable hours (6 straight!?), no four walls (narrow and confining!), no cubicle (unimaginable!).  No one’s assistant to anything.  Same as I ever was.
beesBees make honey for me and my honey.  

chicksThese little chicks will soon be in their coop producing eggs.  At least one cock in the group.

farmLinda’s herb, pepper, onions and tomato bed.  Salsa!

I spent 11 years nurturing and growing Team Nebraska.  That was a joy.  Now I find my happiness in the fertile soil and all the Good Mother’s wonderful bounty.   That and my good woman, good dog, and a few good friends.  Life is what you make it after all.  And I like mine happy.  Don’t ever let another define your life or your happiness.