Not the one I occasionally share with some of my old buddies.  The one that says 5 on the thermometer, without factoring in the wind chill.  Good day for a brief jaunt on the treadmill and sit inside with a warm bowl of soup.  Been making all my own soup stock lately, the depth and character being worth the additional effort.

Got Linda signed up at Metro for her Spring class.  How exciting for her to be taking full responsibility, overcoming challenges, proving otherwise.  You can’t keep a good girl down!

Some more Lincoln “License Plates”:
EVRY26.2- Ron Olsen (Has run every Lincoln Marathon)
9TMWNR- Roxi Erickson (Nine Time Winner)
FSTSTMSTRSF- Stacy Shaw (Fastest Masters Female)
AMHRSTFLSH- Brian Bergt (Amherst Flash)
CRDTRK- oLD  BudDy DaVE (Like a chicken watching one!)
FSTRPSTR- Josh Sawyer (The nicest, fastest Pastor in Omaha)
PETDOC- Enita Larsen (She’s a vet, get it?)
BFCK- Jason Zakaras (Beef Cake)
MSTRPCR- Gary Wasserman (Master Pacer)
LGCLVS- Jody Green (Large Calves)
CSTMGRL- Abby Knight (Costume Girl)