Life in stages.  Rough childhood, foggy adolescence, rebellious early adult.  Nine jobs from 1978-1987.  Not cut from that cloth.  Twenty years an ostensibly single, stay at home dad to three.

The last six years with Linda the best.  Starting the rest of our lives together.  Building Bar None Produce into a singularly excellent entity.  Vision and effort reminiscent of the original Team Nebraska, simply the best, nothing less.

I’ll be sixty one on November 28.  I thought I’d be tearing up the age group, I’m hardly running these days.  But I do still plan on getting fit and racing, sooner now rather than later.

I announced last week that I was retiring.  Lots of laughs all round.  “From What?” was the obvious question.  We will always keep  a garden.  Big enough to continue feeding ourselves.  And a few friends, boutique  customers, and a couple small CSA’s.  This year’s 16,000 square feet being downsized next year to a mere 5,000.  Just right.  Our work bringing completely chemical free produce to farmer’s markets done.  No more back breaking days under the sweltering summer sun.

The Valley 7 Lakes Marathon will fill much of our time.  But not all.

Touched up the reserves last week for this 2018 F-150 Lariat XLT.  Has the Eco-Boost V-6 and fully tricked out towing package.  We’re going to need it.

This 24 foot Coachmen Freedom Express will be our new home away from home.  Off to see America.  Like my dad, retired before my sixty first birthday.  Linda only 55, our future’s so bright we have to wear shades!