I had dream last night.  Rolled out like this:  Me sprinting madly down the final straight, Ben Shultz closing Very Fast, both of our bald pates casting brilliant, blinding rays, two sun gods racing fiercely, with me just holding the point, the finish tape caressing my chest just a moment before being overtaken.  Yeah, that’s how I see it playing out Saturday morning.  We’ve cobbled together a decent Co-Ed team that I think will kick some Open Men’s team tail.  First, our worthy adversaries:

Leading off will be Andrew Jacob.  Andrew is a versatile young stud having demonstrated great range this summer by running the Hospital Hill Half Marathon and then racing the 800 meters at Club Champs in NYC.
Next up will be Justin Mollak.  He’s kind of the X Factor because he has yet to really unload the raw power in his rock solid constitution.
He’ll be handing off to Dylan Wilson.  Dylan is also a bit of an unknown quantity as he races infrequently but is always ready to rumble.
Cheto Cerda will get the baton next.  Cheto was the First person to put his hand up for this competition, he wants to take us down bad!
Team Captain Paul Wilson will be next and he better bring his A game because he’s talked more smack than even me.
Tim Langdon will likely just be catching glimpses of wife Emily as she tries to hold on to the sizeable lead our co-ed boys have given her.  The pursuit will be in vain.
Ben Shultz will run the anchor for the men, and you already know how I will dispose of him on the last leg.

And your TNB Co-Ed team, while the order is not official yet, will likely be:
Peter vd Westhuizen setting the pace early to begin the necessary cushion.  First overall at 2011 Corporate Cup.
David Adams to extend.  Third overall at 2011 Corporate Cup.
Eric Rasmussen to put us out of sight.  First overall 2010 Corporate Cup.
Matt Schneider to catch and pass the first wave teams.  Two time USA Club T&F National Champ in Steeplechase.
Emily Langdon to tantalize husband Tim.  Hungry to make hubby eat his words.
Carole Swanson to keep the men hopeful.  Part of our amazing Masters Women that will rock Seattle this December.
Linda Barnhart to give me just the lead I will need.  Catch her if you can.
Your Run Guru to make this Real Racing.   Thrives under Pressure.

I’m predicting both teams to be in well under 7 hours 30 minutes.  We’ll be showered and fed and back out on the finish line to cheer in the next finishers.  The biggest Husker game of the year is Saturday evening, so accept my apologies in advance for not hanging around for the awards ceremony.

Who needs Carlsbad?  The Syracuse Festival of Races is this weekend in Syracuse, NY.  From their website: “Our 5K races are run on the USATF-certified and validated out-and-back course (NY97047AM) that has hosted 35 US 5K age group records and hundreds of 5K PRs. This is the same course that hosted the four of the ten fastest 5K road times run anywhere in the world in 2002. Water is available at two points on the 5K course, and split times will be called at the mile mark and at each kilometer.”  Race Director Dave Oja is one of my oldest and dearest, it was him that approved TNB’s first Elite Development Club application back in 2002.

We had 30 harriers out for last night’s preview run of the Swamp Stomp 8K.  It was the first time many of them had ever run cross country and they Loved It!  Fall weather and cross country, nothing finer or funner!