Those Mom & Pops that are the backbone of every small town in the United States.   People working at what they love, making ends meet and things work.  Sometimes against all odds.  Linda and I will be setting up Bar None Produce stand at ROAST in Ak-Sar-Ben Village this Saturday from 10-2, hope you will come see us.  Owners Martha and Dave, successful coffee entrepreneurs, from Bend OR, came to Omaha over a decade ago with a dream.

Shop Local.  You might find it cheaper online.  Better to support your neighbors instead of continually lining Amazon’s pockets.  Shop Small.  Find a hand crafted item that inspires you.  From a local artisan.  Buy it.  Some of  my dearest treasurers are hand turned, one of a kind.  The pride of workmanship and  passion resounding  as clear today as when first moved.

I’ve got registration set up on for our 2018 Winter Fitness Series.    Mom & Pop road race management, just Linda and I.   Small and local and full of potential and charm.

2018 USATF members will receive $10 off the $35 registration fee for the Valentine’s Day 5K.

We  encourage your membership  in USATF by also offering $10 off the $25 entry fee for the Halley’s Comet 10K.  The potential for personal bests and state records on this pancake flat, 1.5 mile asphalt, closed course loop.

So skip the lines and the whole Black Friday mess.  Shop small, shop local!