A lot of introspection this time of year.  I’ll be posting up my Top 10 moments as well as my New Year Resolutions in the next day or  two.  Ah, but today, today is special.  If you are prone to gastric reactions (you know who you are!) from my declarations of amore, please stop now.

This will end up being my best trip around the sun.  The Reason?  Linda.

Those of you familiar with my story, and hers, should celebrate Real Love with us.  I’m the first to admit that my first 10-12 years in Omaha were turbulent.  With my community, my programs, my  dreams.  Not offering excuses, just a declaration of why I was so unhappy, why it showed in my public persona.  No love.

I met with Pastor Josh Sawyer 5 years ago,  his insight into my particular situation was a revelation.  While I was passive with my oppressor at home, I took my anger and frustrations, like a cornered dog, out on anyone that opposed or dared challenge me.   And there was one/two that took my anger and used it.   I now accept full responsibility for allowing that, and everything else that transpired.  If I haven’t already, I offer all apologies.   And in a delicious twist, I especially and deeply thank the same one/two whose movements and words, much against well laid plans, has led to the happiest time of my life.

So in love.  Linda and I now spend all of our time together.  Every moment of every day.  Working together, loving together, building our life together.  Still can’t keep our hands or eyes off each other.  So very excited about our future together.  Real Living, Real Loving.

After all the accoutrements and trappings of the supposed American Dream, we have found Simplicity and Real Love in each other.  If you measure or define success by square footage or line 37, tsk, tsk.  Certainly not mutually exclusive but if you have to choose, Choose Love.

Thank you Linda for teaching me what the very most important part of life is.  Mutual respect and support and vision and love.  And for saving a wreck like me.

So in Love.