Another good day on the North side of the grass.   Every sunrise appreciated, embraced, celebrated.  No complaints here.  However…  As a primer for you whippersnappers I offer a few observations.

I’ve run close to 90,000 miles in my career.  Forestalled most if not all of society’s major ills through good genetics, good fortune, and hard work.   Life long pursuit of good health.  And now I’m happy too!

Here’s where I’m taking you.  You’ll eventually see your first gray hair.  It may or may not stagger you.  You’ll either dig it or start putting crap in your hair to hide Reality from yourself, those  around you will notice your feeble efforts, don’t bother with it.

You’ll see a picture of yourself and say “hey, wait a minute!”  The stranger you see will be you.  A little less toned, maybe a couple extra pounds, just a tad softer.  You’ll convince yourself it was a bad camera angle.  Oh no it wasn’t!

And finally, in your 50s and 60s, unless you are the amazing Bob Garcia, your taut, muscled structure, will succumb to the Good Mother’s Blessing.

You should grow old gracefully, accepting the changes of the Master’s Plan.  If you are blessed and fortunate to live a long life, you come to appreciate every single day.  Understanding that the only you there will ever be is part of a natural process that is both wonderful and insignificant.  You, just the way you are, the way you were meant to be.

Soft is hard that way.