Hard to find the right words  to describe the human toll.  Nearly a month after the flooding began it is no ways finished.  You see it etched into the faces of those still dependent on the charity of the relief centers.  Good hard working people trying to put lives back together.  Sump pumps discharging like clock work, every 10 seconds now, hope gained by mere tick tocks.

A glimpse of our neighbors:

Cory and Cassy bought the 7 acres just north of us last summer.  Gutted the old farm house, completely modernized and beautiful.  Just days away from moving in.  She due with their first child any day now.  All furnishings stored in the basement and outbuildings, a total loss.  They are starting over again.

Wes and Michelle bought the 5 acres just southwest of here exactly one year ago.  Another complete remodel, part of the reclamation of the Twin Rivers Homesteads.  They are still in Elkhorn waiting, waiting….

Josh and Sarah are just up Douglas St. from us.  Took the old farmhouse down to the slab, the gem of the neighborhood springing up in its place (by Vince Kunasek Design- Omaha’s leading house designer and Linda’s cousin).  They’ve lived in their camper for a year, now the move in date into late spring/early summer.

Campanile Road is a war zone.  The Platte River overrunning Lake Platteview, tossing homes, cabins and trailers like dice on a table.  Three breeches along the levy, perhaps reclaiming the area forever.   Junkstock at Sycamore Farms.  The Elkhorn depositing sand dunes nearly 30′ tall on the property.  This spring’s edition moved to the fair grounds in Sarpy County.

King Lake utterly devastated, some homes with 8′ flood lines marking their sad chapter.

Our neighbor Jim recounted this yesterday- He received a call from a friend over on Q St. the day after the waters rushed in, the entire house washed away.  Jim took the circuitous 30 mile drive to assist, found no one on the property.  The man had gone to the washed out bridge and took his life.

Linda and I appreciate everyone that has reached out to us.  Our own problems pale in comparison to many of those in our community.  We’d especially  like to thank the following people:
Valley City Council Member Cindy Grove.  She established and has manned the Valley Flood Relief Center tirelessly for the last month.  We hope everyone remembers her when the next Mayoral election comes around.  And we are proud to have her on our 7 Lakes Marathon committee.  Shawn Love, for being a friend of the first order.  Jane Campbell, Josh Coates, Jimmie and Mandy Sue Doherty, Tim Dooling, Gene Erickson, Tim Meyer, John Morse, Jake Muller, Linette Nelson, Jackie Parker, Mike Reilly, Bea Sides, Tom Stiaert, Carole Swanson, Dan Wineingar, Bill Weeks, Tom Whitaker, Bette Williams, and Kray Zeller.    St. Mark’s for feeding our community. Thank you all for helping to get us back up and running.