But first, Clayton Murphy!  Pig farmer from Ohio takes Bronze in the 800 Meter Olympic Final.  Perfectly executed race, most excellent!

Go big or go home.  Bar None Produce went big this year.  Sixty five eggplants.  One hundred twelve tomatoes.  One hundred ten peppers.  Sating clients at market, restaurant, and boutique.

I’m now pulling over 125 pounds of tomatoes every three days.  Hundreds of pounds of eggplant, dangling from bushy bushes.  Thirty to forty pounds of peppers every other day.

“We Are The World”.  Yes, we are.  All of us.  The fortunate, the less fortunate.  Those that can help should.

We are happy to announce partnering with the Open Door Mission.  They made their first pick up this morning.  Eighty pounds of the freshest, best organic practices, produce.  I told Val, the Heartland Hands Coordinator that my only suggestion for next time is to bring a bigger truck.

Feeding our family, our friends, our community.

Soul Food.

Your Men’s 2016 Bar None Beer Mile Champion.  Showered in produce and an antique stein and kisses.