I’m on a steady diet of soup and oatmeal and pudding and protein shakes for the next week.  I get to add an occasional adult beverage tonight so at least there’s that.

Legs are feeling very good right now but will have to be careful about getting enough calories and proper nutrition to keep the training at a high level.

Beso no Beso.  My two favorite parts of the day are also undergoing a bit of a change.  My two dear daughters always get a light buss on the cheek or forehead when heading out for school in the morning and then again when going to bed at night.  Now its their turn, I couldn’t even kiss a frog if it were a princess.

And yet another rumor put to rest:  I have not interviewed, nor will I entertain, the job opening as Marketing and Media Director for the Twin Cities Marathon.  Just because I may have been schmoozing with the powers that be does not make me a candidate.

As a public figure I’m often the target of  rumors, and the occasional vicious lie.  ab irato, ab absrudum, ad nauseum