Started out pretty well for everyone except Luka Thor.  Poor lad had to work the midnight shift and he got to the race just minutes before the start.  And in fact was in the bathroom when the gun went off.

Finished kind of weird as the heat really took a toll on everyone during the second half, none more so than Cory Logsdon.  Cory was in 5th place when he experienced a heat induced migrane and missed the final turn with a half mile to go.

A lot of good racing in between with Matt Pohren notching the Overall win, darned proud of you Matt!  Natalie Como made her Team Nebraska debut finishing 2nd Overall female.  Great runs by Matt Schneider, Luka, Justin Mollak, Cheto Cerda, Agustin Delgado (huge pr!), Cory, Natalie Jetensky, Linda Barnhart, Emily Kraus, Joy Shulz, Dylan Wilson, and I’m not too terribly disappointed in my own race.

Michaela van der Westhuizen won the 5K, Christina King was 3rd,  Andrew Jacob was third male in the shorter race.

The mates took most of the top 10 spots,  I’ll post em up as soon as they become available.

Top finishers now up: **** = Good Mate.  Cory would have been 5th or 6th had the heat not toasted his mind.

Very pleased to see the Lincoln Running Company providing some Real Competition for our mates.  Logan and Tom and Eric, keep up the good work!

 1 Matt Pohren           Omaha NE            27 M     1/58     52:32  5:16**** You're the Man Matty P!
    2 Tom Nichols           Lincoln NE          29 M     2/58     52:53  5:18--Lincoln Running Company
    3 Luka Thor             Omaha NE            25 M     3/58     53:29  5:21**** No more pre race potty breaks!
    4 Matthew Schneider     Norfolk NE          26 M     4/58     53:56  5:24**** Tough week following last Sunday's breakthrough performance
    5 Eric Noel             Lincoln NE          24 M     1/18     54:04  5:25--Lincoln Running Company 
    6 Chas Davis            Omaha NE            29 M     5/58     56:54  5:42 
    7 Justin Mollak         Omaha NE            27 M     6/58     57:19  5:44**** Final tune up before Boston!
    8 Ryan Salem            Lincoln NE          36 M     1/64     58:04  5:49**** Good to see Ryan out reminding the young guns how its done!
    9 Tim Leuschen          Omaha NE            30 M     1/58     58:07  5:49 
   10 Jason Zakaras         Omaha NE            29 M     7/58     58:17  5:50 
   11 Cheto Cerda           Lincoln NE          26 M     8/58     58:24  5:51**** Good distance run for our 800 meter ace!
 24 Dylan Wilson          Lincoln NE          26 M    11/58   1:04:36  6:28****  Back from the dead!
 59 Agustin M. Delgado, J Omaha NE            31 M     9/58   1:08:27  6:51**** How about an 11:00 pr!
 95 Will Lindgren         Omaha NE            54 M     6/37   1:12:08  7:13 tough age group eh?
30 Natalie Como          Omaha NE            22 F     1/36   1:05:01  6:31**** 2nd overall female
41 Natalie Jetensky      Tekamah NE          42 F     2/54   1:06:29  6:39**** 2nd overall master, heat issues
83 Emily Kraus           Omaha NE            26 F     4/79   1:11:11  7:08 **** Will join Justin & Cory in Boston
94 Joy Schulz            Omaha NE            37 F     4/77   1:11:57  7:12**** Getting better every week
100 Linda Barnhart        Omaha NE            49 F     1/51   1:12:38  7:16**** not bad in the middle of another 80+ mile week!


 1 Logan Watley          Lincoln NE          24 M     16:01  5:10--President, Lincoln Running Company racing team
 2 Ivan Ivanov           Lincoln NE          41 M     16:11  5:13- The ageless one
 3 Andrew Jacob          Lincoln NE          25 M     16:27  5:18**** In the middle of tax season
10 Michaela Van Der Westhuizen Omaha NE      27 F     19:39  6:20**** First overall female and 10th overall!
17 Christina King        Omaha NE            24 F     21:11  6:49**** 3rd overall female.  Another of our 800 meter runners stretching it out

The Good Mates getting ready for the start.