I’m lucky.  I’m still able to run.  Not very far and not very often, goal is to keep the weekly mileage even at least with Jedediah.  But man, the running I get to do!  And maybe this is my Just Reward for being a Real Running purist.  You see, my message has always been straight from the heart.  That for Ultimate Living, I must give my all.  No matter that the old bones and less taut flesh will never deliver the fast times from the past.

And so yes, my gift is that I will always be able to run.  Not fast and the marathon may as well be a world away.  But when I do run, the Gauntlet is mine to throw down.  The Challenge?  To feel Mastery.  Strong Will.  And when I do reach that state?  I feel unbeatable.  I’m sidling  up to the only Real measuring stick left in my running.  Honesty.  Can I do better?  Yes!  Can I use what I have left to achieve that Peak Experience?  And Now!

That is how my five miler was yesterday.  The last 3 of it a Test of  Will.  Passing with Flying Colors.  Still My Own Boss.  Still The Same.

Good luck to our mate Kray Zeller at this weekend’s Grandma’s Marathon.  He and brother Tory have been training up hard, good speed to them both.  Luka Thor will also run the full in Duluth.  He reports his hip flexor is  about 90%.  Which is about 99% better than 90% of us.  This will be Luka’s last marathon in my record keeping that appears with an asterisk.  Asterisk standing for the fact that in my opinion, it was poor leadership that leads him to race when he ought not.  Luka called me last week and what I heard left me once again shaking my head at the mismanagement of the brightest potential Nebraska has seen in over a decade (Mike Morgan).

Luka’s grueling lifestyle includes nursing school, working midnights, ministering, mentoring, and trying to train.  At the end of August Luka will graduate and his overnight shift will finally end, after long years.  This then was MY plan for Luka.  Asterisk free.  Get through school.  Get through graveyards.  Get your Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier.  In that order.

My opinions, like my running, Still The Same.