Life sometimes lobs a softball at you.  Plunking you squarely on the noggin and creating one of those moments in life you’ll never forget.  Casual everyday existence punctuated by the disruptive nature of chaos unexpected.  Part of what makes life strange and amazing.

Spent yesterday afternoon in the ER with my dear sweet Alli.   Her kiss to our Himalayan cat Luna spooked her and in an instant there was blood everywhere.  A claw to the face,  slash across the cheek, gaping wound just below her bottom lip and immediately to Alegent for 6 stitches to close.

A father remaining brave, a grown daughter once again daddy’s little girl.  Keeping calm and reassuring on the outside, heart nearly breaking on the inside, being there as only a loving parent can.  Dr. Adam Chick did a great job and promises beauty uninterrupted, the youthful power of healing being another magic of life.

Reminds of what really matters, what the most important things are.  If you have kids, it is them.  One of our favorite bed time books when they were growing up was Robert Munsch’s  “I’ll Love You Forever”, its a classic and I’m sure most parents have read it to their own children.  If you’ve never read it the message is very powerful and touching.  And while I’m on favorites, another is Cooper Eden’s “If You’re Afraid of the Dark, Remember The Night Rainbow”.

This is a running column so I’ll mention the venerable Blarney Stone 5K, another great race put on by Peak Performance:
“Join us at the River City Star to celebrate your Irish heritage (everyone is Irish on St. Paddy/s Day). Cost is $40 at packet pickup and on race day. For an optional cost of $15, you can get a green St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt that says: “Blarney Stone 5K – An Irish Run with a Beer Chaser. Click on t-shirt option when you register at Packet pickup is from 10 AM to 6 PM on March 15 and 16 at Peak Performance, 519 N. 78th St. and at the race site from 4 PM to 5:45 PM.”

Have a good and safe weekend!