Tom Shatel of the OWH is one writer I read regularly.  I’m pulling a quote from today’s column titled “Frost’s natural straight talk a welcome change of pace.”  The words that captured me this morning were those he led off with, “I like straight talk.  Most, if not all, Nebraskans appreciate straight talk.”

This column has attempted to bring straight talk about running.

Frost’s press mixer lent an opportunity for him to call out Mike Reilly’s weakness in developing leadership.  Shatel initially thought Frost had crossed the Good Life Sensibility line, asking himself “was it necessary to say that?”

Shatel goes on to say that “This was simply Frost speaking his mind, telling you what he thinks, whether you want to hear it or agree.”

I’m shifting to summer hours with today’s  column.  Still banging the keys but focused now more on all the good living things that make up our garden.   Thanks for still checking in occasionally.

I’m hoping Shatel is right.

Giving Darrell Crain some straight talk on a start line in Houston.  Twenty five years later and I’ve still got a lot to say.