Just finished cranking out my second 20 miler in the last 3 days.    Today’s run included 10 X 1000 @ goal race effort, most all were at ~7:15-7:20 pace.  I won’t start that fast at Grandma’s but hope to finish at around that.  18 days until the big race.  I hope you played the long shot odds and bet on me when this all started 17 weeks ago, would have been the smart money.  This gives me 14 runs of 20 miles or longer and 1518 miles since January 2nd.  Linda is just under me at 1503.  Only 1 more 20 miler for the cycle, sniff, I’ll miss them.  Today’s run was on the MoPac.  Most of my miles have been on soft surfaces, no concrete or treadmills.

Lot’s of fun stuff going through my head this morning too.  I’ve said just about everything there is to say (and vice versa) to my training partner at this point.  Scarecrows, sheep’s clothing,  and crawfish seemed to occupy most of the miles.

Be sure to check our flickr page for some great photos of Boystown, thanks again Justin.

Going to keep it very short today, need to rinse this layer of sodium chloride off.  Hope you had a great weekend and ate some good frijoles, I sure did.  Put some weight back on to keep me strong, back up to 65 kilos.