Whispers drifting eastward.  Who is running with whom, where, which “camp” they are throwing allegiance to.  Whispers don’t tell the full story though.

The camp in Waterloo tacks loud and proud.  No guesses about whos, what’s, or whys.  In it to win it.

Angee Henry is making her Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. debut at the Atlanta International Relays this weekend.  One of, if not the fastest master sprinters in the United States.

Grant Wintheiser just three weeks away from the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth.  I’m feeling confident in Grant eclipsing Mike Morgan’s state record 1:04:48 (2005 USA Half Marathon National Champs, still a Nebraska resident running for my good old red and white).

Jay Welp is champing at the bit.  And we both are tipping sombreros to Derek Fey for undertaking the Augean Stable effort of hosting a Real Track & Field Meet in the heart of WECRAWL.  The first post collegiate meet in Omaha since 2012, the Jim McMahon Memorial on June 10 will be Jay’s opportunity to showcase some mile speed.  His  4:21 time trial last week serving notice, cock-a-doodle-doo.

Summer camp, what fun!