If you are willing to do the work, if you’re out there busting your ass, if you Revel in the Sheen, this column is for you.  If not, time to leave.

I’ve railed for years about the direction “fitness” has taken.  Taken a stand because I truly believe in my message.  But its not for everyone.  Last chance to leave.

Sitting down with friends over a Sam Adams Summer Ale last night.  We enjoy these visitors as they give us updates and glimpses into “city life”.  Things have only gotten weirder in the “fitness” community.  Between sips the young lady dropped my  jaw.  One (or more?) of the local (gym?  spa?  catwalk?) facilities has upped my bewilderment into the stratosphere.

Coiffed?  Check.  Tanned?  Check.  Manny/Peddy?  Check, check.  Stay with me now….

What made my head spin like a wind up toy?  The young lady told me that it is now “fashionable” to have your armpits botoxed to prevent sweating.  At a gym.  Or spa.  Or catwalk.  As athletes, I ask you to consider this.  To me that would be akin to having my taste buds removed because I didn’t like the taste of  something.  Yet all the popular kids are at the table.  The old adage and oft spoken warning comes  to mind- “Just because they all jump off a cliff would you follow?”  Some it seems, do just that.

I might have to move to Montana.