The Bar None lives up to its moniker.  Everyone Welcome.  Bar None.

I’ve always had an open door policy.  When living in my richerville McMansion it was not unusual for 15-20 runners to show up every Saturday for the run and post race meal.  And the doors to the pantry, stocked full of Clif Product and Brooks shoes and apparel and sundry other running niceties were also thrown open for my mates.  There may be those that can give more but none ever gave more of what they had.

I still  give much of  myself.  In counsel.  The front door of the Bar None, if well guarded by big, proud Jedediah, is always open.  Conversation, preferably face to face,  a necessary part of proper and decent living.

The Red Road.

If the front door doesn’t exactly spin it has had its share of visitors.  Me welcoming anyone with questions.  Three hours with Logan Watley.  Five hours with Colin Morrissey.  Doing my best to explain the Original Vision and Mission of USATF Nebraska Association LDR, from the Founder’s Perspective.

I’m darned partial to yesterday’s guest.  My old buddy, Once A Real Mate, Always A Real  Mate, Matt Pohren stopped by for the better half of a day.  The Red Road.  Matt travels with me.  I think almost all of you readers know him.  If you want a truthful and honest opinion on me, I can’t think of a better reference.   I love him like a son.  And ladies, he’s single.