As a wordsmith my column titles are as important as the body of work.  My favorite writers insist that I keep a dictionary alongside their works.  Few things are so pleasing to me as learning a new word.  Right up there though is sharing that knowledge.

My old nemesis LaBomb used to rail that I use “big words just to try and impress people.”  She finally exhausted her own grey matter coming up with a pet name for me, “stinky little piss ant man”.   Lazy, limited vocabulary.  Don’t be like our lonely little chiqiuita and get out your Webster’s or hit up wikipedia if you don’t get today’s banner.  Or any day’s title or context for that matter.  I challenge you to grow your mind!

These daily words are a snapshot of the running world as I see them.  A tableau if you will describing our milieu.  I describe things with my own perspective, using 30 plus years in our sport as sufficient currency to deem my words Real.   And Real isn’t Wrong, its Right.  And Right makes Might.

Run Guru Says, now almost ten years old, nearing the 2000th edition of the insightful and inciteful.

The insight sometimes overshadowed by the incite.  Challenging you to evaluate and elevate your own milieu.  To enhance and expand your perspective.  To get outside of your comfort zone, whether it be heart rate or socialscape.  To appreciate the excellence we all have within and value the self honesty it takes to approach it.  To understand that Potential is what we all share.  That achieving personal potential is the only thing that makes us all Real.  Anything less is a waste of your and my time.

Still the words come daily.  Dismissed sometimes,  ridiculed occasionally, challenged often.  But in the end Real.  If they were any way otherwise you’d know by now.

Runner’s World trumped my interview with Michael Wardian.  For Mike’s recap of his ballsy marathon double:

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