Peak no taper!  I’ve clubbed the running community with this mantra for years.  The message remains and timely as we lead into Lincoln this coming weekend.  For those wondering what this peaking magic is I offer you the following:

Monday:  2 mile warm up, 2 X 2 Miles @ goal race pace + :10 w/ 1 mile easy between, 1 mile warm down

Tuesday: 9 miles easy

Wednesday: 8 miles easy

Thursday: 4 miles easy with 4 X 100 meter strides

Friday: 3 miles easy with 4 X 100 meters strides

Saturday: 15 minutes with 4 X 100 meter strides

Sunday:  Personal Bests!

Congratulations to my young charge Sam, speedy 7th grader took 4th overall (18:54) in the Clausen/Leahy 5K this weekend.  Over there on the Omaha Running Club facebook page, a lot of the participants are chiming in with “constructive” criticisms regarding the shoddy management.  Running out of water ,no mile markers, too crowded, (what do you expect when running on a sidewalk?).   The Midtown dilemma.