With apologies to Dr. Seuss.  Writing, the only thing that I love more than running.  Hope you enjoy today’s offering.

The Run Guru felt mighty important that day
Out at his dojo, where runners do play
He felt SO important out on his loop
That he started his bragging, his boastful poop
And he boasted out loud as he threw out his chest
Of all the runners, Run Guru’s the best
At 5K, at 10K, the Marathon, beyond
I’m the fastest around Zorinsky pond

“What’s that?” growled a voice that was bleating and gruff
“Is this more of Run Guru’s stuff?”
“I’m the best of the runners with hooves and tails
I’m the best runner out here on the trails
No Billy or Nanny has ever run faster
Of the cloven hooved I am the master”

“What’s that?” called a warrior with color and glow
“The only Real Runners are purple and slow
Through obstacles and fire pits and challenges we climb
No Real Runner is concerned with distance or time
Certified?  Sanctioned?  No mudder needs that
I’m much better than that Run Guru cat”

“What’s that?” asked the smiling friendly fun runner
“Social, non-competitive, Non-Real is much funner
Hanging with peeps, woot! woot! that’s the way
Running should only be grinning and gay
We should all get along, jogging and fun
What difference who’s last, who’s next, who won?”

So the Guru, the warrior, the goat and the funner
They all decided that each Was a Runner
And got together for a run and a beer
They were all the same with nothing to fear
They quaffed their brew, Upstream Oktoberfest
When Run Guru muttered, comes to beer I’m the Best…..