We’ve accepted an offer on the Bar None!   Buddha willing and the creeks don’t rise we’ll be on our Grand Adventure before summer’s end.

A lot of parallels to this parcel in the Twin Rivers Homestead and the Nebraska Running Community.

When I came to Nebraska in 2001 there was nothing in place for post collegiate (or other serious) athletes, no USATF LDR program at all in fact.  A modern day Johnny Appleseed, I sewed my nuts across the breadth and depth of the state.  First and best fruiting as Team Nebraska Brooks,  finally maturing into Lincoln Running Company Racing.  I now sit back and enjoy those early labors.

My work in Nebraska then, excepting America’s Marathon, now all but done.  America’s Marathon!  My final contribution to the Good Life.  May it live long and prosper!

Similarly, when we came to our little slice this was a very distressed property, another blank palate with a ton of potential.  Not  content to do what was already being  done we crafted the absolute best market garden operation in the state.  Completely chemical free, 100% natural.  Had big enough huevos to say there was none better.  And like Team Nebraska Brooks, we were the best, Bar None.

History will decide whether Run Guru Says, Team Nebraska Brooks, Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc., and  Bar None Produce deserve a place in Nebraska lore.  The only certainty, The End Is Near.