Valley 7 Lakes Marathon, we’re not throwing in the towel.  We’ve been working tirelessly towards making the race a go.  A Real Race.  On the road, mano a mano.  What we believe marathoning should be.

We are pressing on.  The devastation of last year’s floods gives us a different perspective.  A little more motivation and commitment to the running community.  We are bound and determined to fulfill our vision.  To offer a World Class Race With Small Town Charm.

Yesterday I gave 5 options on What To Do, What To Do.  Here’s a sixth:  Read this blog and recalibrate your training with an eye on an early Saturday morning as soon as we are cleared by the CDC.  A 6:00 a.m. cannon sending you on your way.  We are still optimistic on a late spring early summer clearance.

We can’t thank Douglas County enough.  Fully on board and  supportive of our  event.  We can’t thank enough the citizens and admins from the  Cities of Valley and Waterloo.  Our sponsors too.

Not a whisper of cancelling.

Our running community, those that have been excited to join us for something new and different.  Those that might now join us.  The opportunity to Run To Your Potential.   We are not going to let you down.

Our second “Act of God” in as many years imbuing a determination and steely resolve.  The Little Race That Could!

Coming tomorrow, “A Moment With Gary Dougherty”