I speak for the trees.  Those tallest trees.  Those that tower above the merely mortal.

Some of my contemporaries are so lost in the forest that they can’t see these giants of life.  Until a photo op in which case always first to hop in line.  They trudge among the saplings insisting this is the future of the woods.  Caring not for the 1% or 5% or whatever the Real number of Real Trees.

A parable of course.

I’ve started a thread on facebook.  Elites deserve love too!

In it you will find the culture and temperature of what I deal with here in Omaha.  An insistence that no one cares about the 1% or 5% or whatever the Real number of Real Runners are.  A push back that all runners that put one foot in front of the other are equal.  And in a twist, are entitled to more support than those that have put in the most work, reached higher peaks, dreamed the biggest dreams.  Painting me into an elitist corner when clearly I’m not.

If these athletes are willing to put in 100+ miles, do gut wrenching intervals, make strict lifestyle choices,  make more sacrifices for our sport,  how are they not as deserving  as those that have never aspired to a break a tape.  Read the facebook thread.  See who stands on which side.  I’m shocked that almost the entirety of the Omaha old guard is opposite of me.  I lay this culture directly it at their feet.  No need to call them out by name, just read the thread.

If you are an athlete, if you are a competitive runner and would like to add your opinion, you can join the growing debate.

My position is we need to serve both communities.