A pancake flat, lightning fast, completely closed road course.  Designed specifically for serious marathoners to run to their potential.  88 athletes gathered in Valley, I mean , Chandler Arizona yesterday to rewrite the American record books.

The Marathon Project checked all the boxes necessary to deliver the top 7 American men under 2:10, first time in history.

Martin Hehir      2:08:59
Noah Droddy    2:09:09
Colin Bennie     2:09:38
Scott Fauble     2:09:42
Ian Butler          2:09:45
Scott Smith       2:09:46
Mick Iacofano    2:09:55

Sara Hall running the 2nd fastest ever by an American female, 2:20:32.  Keira D’Amato (2:22:56), Kellyn Taylor (2:25:22), Emma Bates (2:25:40), Natasha Wodak (2:26:19), Andrea Ramirez (2:26:34), Paige Stoner (2:28:43), Ursula Patricia (2:29:11), Sarah Inglis (2:29:41), Bria Wetsch (2:29:50), Julia Kohnen (2:29:58), and Samantha Roecker (2:29:59) making it the most American women under 2:30 in a single race.

On behalf of those that would dare to dream, congratulations and thank you to Josh Cox, Ben Rosario for having a vision to provide American athletes this opportunity.