Well, how do you like yourself?  Your real self?  The one without the weekly trip to get clipped and dipped.  Getting a little scraggly, perhaps bordering on the unkempt and disheveled?  Your original hair color, do you like it?  Can you accept it?  Shouldn’t matter. That beard you always thought about growing?  How’s that turning out for you?  Scruffy?  Lush?  Shouldn’t matter.  Miss your last three mani/pedis?  Botox on hold until further notice?  Rescheduling that liposuction?  Those pearly whites needing their chemically induced sparkle?

All that superficial, artificial, vanity driven, Not Real stuff likely going by the by.  Can you dig it?

Do you like The Real You?

I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin.  On the shorter side at 67″, proudly bald, my teeth a bit off colored, a couple of  them jerrymandered to their own agenda.  Knees creaking with age.  Laundry list of aches pestering me nightly.  Getting old.

I’m also generally one of the happiest people in the room.  Confident, self assured, cocky maybe, hubris perhaps.  Able to rise each morning and greet myself in the mirror with that big knowing smile.  Good health, hygiene and attitude is all you really need to be Truly Happy.

To like The Real You.