A certain gravity has been tugging at me the last couple days.  Signed up for social security on Monday.  Something I’ve looked forward to for years.  Three weeks until 62, still full of vim and vigor (piss & vinegar?).  And now that it has arrived a bluesy vibe joins the celebration.   Mortal reality replacing anticipation.  Akin to opening Return Of The King.   Excited for the final book of the trilogy, knowing it will be full of wonderous adventures, but an end nearer now.  Hoping the chapter lasts another 40 years.  Dad 88, an aunt 92, genetics in my plus column.

A lot of reflection this week too.  On a life that has sped by.  I’ve hurried to keep up and still have a lot to do.  A bit more patient and focused.  Sagacity replacing impetuousness.

Looking back on life’s work I carry a sense of contentment.  A most important outcome, satisfaction.  Trying my best, given human frailty, to hold fast to the credo “Love All, Serve All.”

Time slips away in the blink of an eye.  Embrace it.  Do Your Work.  The Speed of Life.