Took man millennia to figure this one out.    And according to my old buddy Tim Dooling, the beginning of the end.  He’s on to something.

Always upfront with the corrections, thanks to Logan Watley for pointing out that LRC Racing scored a Women’s DMR bona fide (12:47.90) back in 2012 at Burke Stadium, I’ve amended my records list posted yesterday.   That compilation was a labor of love with a purpose.

For all the hand wringing, teeth gnashing, and beard pulling about the state of our Nebraska Association’s LDR program, yesterday was a reminder that this wheel has already been invented, perfected.  Again, take a look at those results if you doubt it.

Nebraska LDR once (2004-2012) held the respect of the entire national USATF community.  Recognized as a leader of Elite Development in fact.

2008, Olathe KS.  2009, Icahn Stadium, NYC.  2010, San Francisco.  2011, Icahn Stadium.  2012, Burke Stadium, Omaha.  2013, Icahn Stadium.  2014, Tacoma Washington.  2015,  Icahn Stadium.

If you studied you found that nearly every single one comes in that short 9 year period that I herded every cat in the association.  Please don’t view this as sanctimonious dribble.  Rather a paean on how it happened, why it happened.  It was based on passion to serve, advocating for potential, setting the bar of excellence for future generations.

No athlete from Nebraska,  despite 3 fully funded clubs, could muster a single athlete for the 2015 Club T&F National Champs, one of the programs Nebraska LDR was founded on.

Was founded on.  Let that sink in a moment.  Don’t doubt it.  You’re hearing it from one end of the horse, depending on whom you are, message remains the same.  Our LDR program was founded on excellence.  And pitting those against the very best the other clubs around the United States had to offer.

The path of least resistance would have been to quietly fade into my garden.   To put it all behind and be satisfied with my place in Nebraska post collegiate history.  No way.  If building it the first time is part of my legacy, resurrecting it will be my crowing achievement.

Towards that end, Jay Welp will be competing at Franklin Field in Philadelphia at the end of this month.  The 1500/5000 double.  Taking the Nebraska Run Guru Elite singlet to the biggest of our USATF Club stages.

We flexed our muscle at Living History Farms, Shamrock Shuffle, Lincoln Half, and most recently Dam to Dam.  The best team competitions we can find in the midwest region.  Up next the 44th annual Midnight Madness 10K.  Always good to catch up with Roman Lynch.  We’ve accepted his kind offer to get us on the line.  In exchange for his support I’ve promised all the racing he can handle.

Heads up!  We’ll be at Cornfield Cornfield, yes we will yes we will.  And at the Thunder Run.  And a downhill mile.   Supporting and competing at our Nebraska Association Championships.  Come get some.

And the wheel rolls on………