I’ve got two heating units for my house and one of them is on the blink.  A little chilly in here but luckily I’ve got thick skin.

And its a good thing.  I was reminded this weekend that this is what makes me a good Leader (thanks Stacy).  My ability to handle all manner of tough decision making and still keep a steady hand on the helm.  I’ve been jabbed and poked and pricked more times than I can count.  Yet my bearings for Team Nebraska  remain true to course.

Unwavering in the face of criticism, challenges, mutiny, deceit, chicanery, shenanigans;  the bow of my ship guided by a vision both Grand and Difficult.  If it were easy, anyone else could have charted the waters that I’ve fearlessly sailed.  The respect of my crew, those that have agreed to seek adventure and glory, being an absolute necessity on such a remarkable journey.

There have been those listed on the billet that have walked the plank, lacking either dedication or camaraderie or fortitude.  Others have cruised with us and put ashore in more agreeable climes, and those remain Good Mates in my ship’s ledger.

A Commander must possess unflinching Purpose and ability to withstand the cries of the masses.  Preferring to lead a hearty chosen few rather than seeking acceptance and accolade from the myriad dinghies happily riding the tides of communal submission and acquiescence.  I’ll take that mantle, embrace it in fact, and sail into a sunset of my own design.

The results for this weekend’s trail runs can be found at:  Congratulations to our Natalie Jetensky, she almost made it a hat trick for our Team Nebraska ladies this past weekend, finishing second overall and just missing the Overall Champion title in the 21 mile by a scant :59.  The stuff Good Mates are made of!