Thing One:  While there were a lot of amazing performances at yesterday’s Omaha races, there was also some Big Lessons to be learned.  The most profound observation I had was how important Teamwork is.  Everyone knew the half was Luka’s to win or lose.  It was what was happening right behind him that laid a solid foundation of future success for three of our young guns.  Justin Mollak, Cory Logsdon, and Shane Kephart exhibited the ultimate in Teammates Working Together to achieve greater goals than would have been otherwise possible.  I’m giving Cory some especially big props because he had committed prior to the race to help Shane get his goal of hitting the 1:15’s.  Cory has been racing very well but put his own aspirations to the side to help his old High School mate achieve his personal best.  The fact that both of them knew Justin was willing to work with them only made it much easier.  Teamwork up front, these young lads get it.  Same with Stacy & Natalie.  And with Steve & Linda, all whom devised race plans going in to work together.  Proud papa indeed!

Thing Two:  Have a plan and stick to it!  I’ve lamented my recent lack of racing success over the last few weeks.  But have also remained confident that I’d get over that hurdle and eventually have a good run.  Yesterday was the first glimmer that I’m on the right track.  Did not have a “breakthrough” performance but was able to execute my pre-race plan perfectly.  The goal was to run Even Splits and I darned near nailed it turning in 6:52, 6:52, 6:56, 6:54, 6:54, 6:46 through 6 miles.  Resisted the temptations to push any harder, despite some very desirable opportunities.  I needed to nail this one down before dreaming of deeper ponds and bigger fish.

We all battle doubt and uncertainty and sometimes look for answers elsewhere when we just need to stick with a well thought out plan.  From the Texas Swing Band, and my old buddies, Asleep At The Wheel:
“You gotta dance with who brung ya, swing with who swung ya,
life ain’t no forty yard dash, be in it for the long run,
’cause in the long run you’ll have more fun,
if you dance with who brung you to the bash”

Or for a more humorous angle google the Proverbial Mexican and learn about why not to change horses in mid stream.

Either way, if you start changing things up out of fear or doubt or outside pressures, you will likely end up not achieving the desired end results.  Believe in yourself, do your work and the outcome will take care of itself.   This is why it is often good to have a Coach.  Someone to help you deal with those uncertainties and keep you on track to your best races.  I saw it play out time and time again as the smiles crossed yesterday’s finish line.