Responding to injury without revenge.  A good example is the situation at 1909 Campanille Road.  His dog knocked me off my bike last year sending me to the hospital and causing great pain for the next several months,  costing me over $5K out of pocket.  When investigated the response was, “We don’t have a dog.”  I still have to drive by that address and it causes me pause and reflection on what turning the other cheek really means.

Sometimes  being repeatedly ignored is just as painful.   I offer a third cheek.

The heat is on.  Stay out of it if you can.  Linda and I have no such luxury (or desire for that matter).  Feeling trapped inside the house even though still plenty to get done while feeling confined.  Eyes constantly pulled out the window, just like grade school.  Its our nature.


No plea too small or large.  Jesus tried to teach common courtesy and respect towards your fellow man.