Nice turnout yesterday for Walt’s send off run and breakfast.  He will be our NRGE International athlete while living in Okinawa for the next few years.

Those that gathered, and even those that couldn’t make it, put a warm feeling in me.  I couldn’t be happier with this group.  With Team Nebraska I tried to do everything, in fact, did everything.  And as the club grew I was stretched ever thinner.  Too big, that was the Downfall of the Lindgren era.  Too many egos, too many agendas, too many period.

NRGE is a completely different beast.  I haven’t issued a single directive, haven’t chewed anybody out, haven’t had to reprimand anyone for not wearing the kit, could care less who our mates train with on their own time (a big departure for me), in short, haven’t had to have “The Talk” with any of the mates.

What has happened this time around is some Very Good People have stepped forward, something that for whatever reason, just didn’t happen with TN.  People that Get Me and my Vision.  Dedicated athletes that want to GIVE as much as Receive.  Runners that are Happy.  Racers that want to beat first one then the other and the other and the other.  Competitors First but still able to be Friends after.  And not just within, this group of athletes represents the best of our community.  Able to move between groups, our Kyle Clouston is the consummate people person and perfect ambassador.

I just sit here in my rocking chair on the front porch.  Smiling.

This Time Right.

IMG_0360 (1)

A little older, a lot wiser, and all smiles.  Thanks to Kyle and Pete and Jerrod and Linda and Stacy and Coach John and Lindsey and Tammy and Agustin and Mike and Jessica and Michel and Walt and Cameron and Scottie and Jeremy and James and Ron and Roxi and Ashley.  And more to come!