Man it never gets old.  In fact it only gets better.

If you are energetic and passionate and committed to something it is not work.  And if you are your own boss it transcends labor in the classic  sense.

2001-2012 was Part I.  2013-2017 was Part II.  Valley 7 Lakes Marathon is part III.

Part I produced the top USATF Competitive Club and individual Athletes in Nebraska state history.   Team Nebraska Brooks. If that bruises your tender sensibilities or doesn’t fit your narrative, look again.  Again, cold facts vs. hot takes.  You are free to give out your own awards recognizing consistency or whatever criteria you choose.  But when you try to mix Olympic Trials qualifiers apples and any other oranges you just get fruit salad.

Part II produced some of the fastest times in Nebraska state history.  Thank you Grant for representing Run Guru Elite, your place in the history books secure.

Part III, sweetest of all.  The  ultimate expression of my marathon vision for  the Good Life.  National respectability.  Why put so much energy and effort into something and settle for less?

We had Precision Race Results’ Alan Higley and USATF Regional Course Certifier Gary Meyer out yesterday.  Pulling together Nebraska’s best road race management minds to go over the tiniest details.  What we end up with is a Perfect start line, course and  finish.  Lucky to have them right here in Omaha.

Y’all may think I’m wearing you out with my incessant promotion of the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  And I am.  For a reason,  Its a new day for marathoning in Nebraska.  Roads are for marathons, sidewalks are for squares.  You still  have a choice and we hope you’ll celebrate a new day’s dawning at 0620, Saturday April 25.