Plenty of time.  Not nearly enough time.  Tick, tock, round like a clock.

Going back to 1937 again today, but only for a moment.

Good Mate Pete Kostelnick introduced me to this track shoe charm, dated 1937 and issued to his grandmother’s brother, Charles Owen Hussang.  Hussang won the Illinois State Mile title as a 1934 thinclad prep, 4:29.4 nearly 80 years ago.  The circle is that the charm came from my alma mater, Northern Illinois University.  It is relevant today because the charm was awarded in recognition of Charles’ outstanding performance at a track meet.  From Grandma:

” Charles Owen Hussang (my brother).  He received it [necklace] in 1938 for running the mile at Northern Illinois Teachers College in DeKalb, IL.  That time he broke the record.  I don’t remember the time.  It has been broken since.  It was under 4 min.  He ran the mile [1500 m?], half mile, and ran the anchor in the relay team at DeKalb, IL, all the same day.”

We know it wasn’t the mile and not sure if they contested the 1500 back then but what isn’t in question was that a stellar performance was recognized and appreciated.  Nice that it is in Pete’s possession now.

Back to the relative future.  Late 1970s to be exact, Houston.  At least once a month I’d head downtown to the Alabama Theater for the midnight showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”  It was a must for all the young, healthy, alternative boys and girls.  If you’ve never experienced it you need to take a walk on the wild side.


Although the Alabama closed in the early 80s Rocky Horror still shows monthly at the River Oaks Theater.  What has made this one of the hippest happenings in Houston is the simultaneous “shadow casting”.  Most all in attendance are in their favorite character’s costume and have memorized the movie line by line.  It’s a Real Time thing that gives you chills and thrills.

The highlight of the musical is the song “Let’s Do The Time Warp Again.”


Tim Curry stars as the Transsexual Transvestite from Transylvania, looking much better in heels than I ever did (actually I was pretty close.)   Always one of the most popular Halloween costumes in America’s 4th largest city.  And once a year, one of my favorite memories, think I’ll break out the fishnets tonight….