Here’s to our Nebraska XC State Champs today.  So many kids excited to be toeing the Kearney line.  So many dreams.  So many memories to be made.  So many teams.  So many coaches.  Good Luck, Great Racing, and Giddyup!

All of these things make today so very special.   The highlight of the competitive season for all, competitive careers for some.  A lot of these same runners will take their craft to college.  They will be expected to give it their all.  Their coaches will be trying to build winning programs and will expect complete commitment.

And when they graduate from college they will hopefully continue to run.

If the have demonstrated an ability to give,  give to the team, give to the coach, give to the program, give to the sport,  they will emerge a better runner and better person.  Disciplined.  And hopefully they will run for me.  I always think this way, not a boastful wish, one grounded in my commitment to the sport.  To the athletes.


Whom among them?