It is surreal.  But I have confidence that life, given the current climate of uncertainty, can still go on.  Please, please exercise all recommended social distancing guidelines, I can’t stress this enough.

We will be marking the course Wednesday, it will be available starting Thursday morning.   And will remain open through Sunday afternoon.  Please take advantage of this unique level of support by Platte River State Park officials.  If you run on Thursday or Friday please text 402-917-7818 with your  time and feel free to include your favorite race photo if you’re carrying your phone/camera.  This will help us  “massage” the  starts for Saturday.  Thank you.

On Saturday, waves of 10 or less, going off every minute.  Six feet between runners at the start.  I’ve done my very best to seed the heats to minimize passing, resorted to alphabetical, the list will be dynamic depending on the number that show Saturday.

Thank you for doing your very best to show that we can still express our love of running free.

The race starts and finishes on the dam adjacent to the picnic area, thank you for finding our signage indicating such.

Run the course.  Text your finish time to 402.917.7818, official results will be posted here next Monday.

HEAT 1 aka The Donnybrook, 10:00 a.m.  the deepest, fastest, fellas field ever. Studs with the potential for the Win.  A trio of studettes going after same.
Shannon Stenger
Brian Wandzilak
Matt Seiler
Todd Nott
Joel Andrychowicz
Tyler Hardy
Michael Overfield
Emily  Steenson
Megan Lush
Stacey Buckley

HEAT 2 aka The Chase pack, 10:01
Cristine Tomcak
Calvin Tomcak
D.J. DeyErmand
Ken Dobbs
Derek Dreier
Carissa Stout
Matt Baird
Luke Bartholomew
Scott Conroy
Jeremy Cowell

HEAT 3 aka The Grinders 10:02
Tabitha Campbell
Alyssa Cline
Dick Craig
Joe DeLancey
Matthew Detamore
John Frank
Lindsay Garlock
Ryan Garlock
Christopher Gustafson
Joe Lazure

HEAT 4 aka The Climbers 10:03
Brian Johnson
Monica Johnson
Sean Minahan
Tyler Mikeworth
Connie Nemec
Bruce Newton
Caitlin Orth
Shane Orth
Charlie Stephen
Scott Ramey

HEAT 5 aka The Trackers 10:04
Kent Ross
Brandon Paczosa
Scott Stopak
Scott Swanson
John Walker
Doug Williams
Scott Wilson
Joe Woracek
Chris Yeager
Zachary Youts

HEAT 6 aka The Sides 10:05
Donna Bernhardt
Sasha Berscheid
Peggi Bolden
Karen Borchert
Courtney Brook
Ashley Burns
Kiersten Ehlers-Hansen
Bea Sides
Bekkah Lyman
Amber McIntyre

HEAT 7 aka The Wonders 10:06
Jessica Heiderbrecht
Christian Iten
Karri Iten
Trish Kramer
Samantha Randolph
Gabriela Rodriguez
Lisa Rogers
Kelsey Ruwe
Rebecca Steffes

HEAT 8 aka The Trio 10:07
Katherine Stephen
Joe Stephens
Ken Zaribnicky