I’m appreciating my running now more than ever.  Limited in scope, ambitious nonetheless.  Linda and I  had an interesting conversation with Kaci Lickteig back in late March, one that encouraged me to try and run again.  I had thought my career completely over, not so.

A strict and patient approach has gotten me a bit giddy (up!) about the remainder of the year.  Consistently running only 2 days a week, averaging maybe 10 combined.  Longest run of 8.5 three weeks ago, the furthest in 3 1/2 years.

I set a realistic, reasonable, achievable goal.  Sub 8:00 for a mile.  My marathon pr of 2:46:56 is 6:22 pace.  Did one real workout two weeks ago, 4 x 800 in ~3:53 that indicated readiness.  Feeling fat from a huge plate of burnt ends on Tuesday night, I rolled my portly 135 pounds out of bed yesterday resolute.

The Bar None Calibration course is USATF certified.  My critical workouts meaningful and informative.

I’m off!  1:44 for a very comfortable opening quarter mile.  I realize immediately that I’m in a lot better than 8:00 shape.  Down 259th St and the half in 3:39 and still relaxed and in complete control.  Right onto Pacific and another straight shot to the mile mark, I’ll confess to a slight tailwind. Still feeling in control  but another, familiar feeling sweeps over me.  I’m Really Running now.  Having to focus hard to keep form.  Relying on instinct and muscle memory to complement the intense mental effort.  The last 100 meters,  biceps and forearms numb from lack of blood flow.  Legs and arms pumping through the line.  7:23.  I looked at the WAVA tables and it age grades to 6:00 flat.

A good first try.