We’ll be turning back the clocks this weekend.  I find the whole arrangement ridiculous if not suspicious. Tampering with the natural rythms and rhymes of the citizenry.  I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist but this one has always left me scratching my head.

This is a good segue.  I’ve been waiting to detail a little history of Our Little Slice so lets turn back the clocks to the mid 1930s.

The Farm Security Administration (FSA) under the guidance of Rexford Tugwell (ain’t that a name!) set up homestead cooperatives in Waterloo, Falls City, Loup City, Kearney, Fairbury, and Scottsbluff.  The homesteaders were given 7-10 acres and assigned a particular contribution to the Overall Good.  One house was a blacksmith, one was a plumber, one a mechanic, etc.  All were gardners and raised some form of livestock, primarily chickens and cows.  Communism?  Yep.

Here in Waterloo there were 10 original homes.  I’m in one of them.  You see the same original footprint even though all have been updated/remodeled.    The building that fascinates me the most and indeed initiated my research is the Dining Hall.  It still stands.  All meals were provided communal style with everyone gathering thrice daily for sustenance.  I’d love to tour the old structure, understand that it is currently being used for storage by the property owner.


The old dining hall then.  Looks much the same today.


The original form of the the homesteads.  They appear very similar today with updates- and paved roads to boot.

8c16279vBock bock bock!

8c31865vThe co-op provided fresh eggs for much of Omaha.

8c34291vAnd milk too.

8c31803vMost of these kids now have grandchildren and great grandchildren of their own.  I doubt very much that designer labels were uniform of the day.  A simpler time and that spirit still resides within those of us seeking it.

8c16296vThis old Farmall tractor was a workhorse.  As were the men.  As am I.

8c16418vOur Little Slice.  Now blessed with Maple and Ash and Pine and Cottonwoods and myriad variety of Oak and more.

All photos courtesy of the Farm Security Administration.


I’ll be turning back my favorite wrist watch this weekend.  This special edition Seiko commemorating the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

wldrwatchAnd this one from USATF that I received for my service to Women’s Long Distance Running.