A couple of recent developments have me rolling rosy.

The first validates some of my earliest efforts in Nebraska.  Back story- Derek  Fey was an original member of Team Nebraska Brooks.  Heady days when Brooks allowed me to select 12 mates for complete kit and shoe support.  Derek was one of those “A” athletes and had my full advocacy.  While at Dana College Derek had a very solid half marathon time at the Midlands Half Marathon, qualifying him for the NAIA National Marathon Champs.  Post collegiately we hoped to get him into the elite field at the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in, if memory serves, San Diego.  I reached out to Race Director Tracy Sundlun and petitioned for inclusion into the first corral.   We were rejected because the Midlands Half Marathon was not USATF Certified.  The first Real Wake Up Call in support of my efforts to get the Good Life in line with the rest of the United States.  I immediately reached out to the Midlands and beseeched they allow me to measure the course for Certification.  Alas, the NAIA Marathon National Championships did not require qualifying performances to be on a certified course, leaving your scribe with only one leg to run on.  At least 15 years have passed.

I spent some time on the phone with Midlands Head Coach Daniel Gerber yesterday.  We are now scrambling to get the course certified prior to the Dec. 7th starter pistol.  The NAIA now requires all qualifiers be from USATF Certified courses.

My second tickle is for those that have dreamed of or wished for for a year round training facility.  Not in Lincoln, not in Omaha.  In the future epicenter of elite running, Valley!   $35 Million Dollar Sports Complex

All good news setting me out this morning’s door with a little extra spring in my  step!