Our Good Mother has provided quite the symphony this fall.  Or maybe it is always like this but I was too busy to notice.

We have no less than 15 varieties of trees at the Bar None.  I’ve danced among them rake in hand, gathering and hoarding, earth to earth best after all.  What has been most remarkable is the perfect orchestration.  Each one’s colorful carpet laid neatly and quickly and individually.  No two trees on the same day, a tree it seems, every day.  And still, they fall…  Siempres mas bailando!

You know who they are.  You marvel at them.  You’re inspired by them.  They’re crazier than you and that lets you cozy up to your own less glaring manias.

Those cats that run marathons weekend after weekend.  Or further.  Let’s not forget Pete Kostelnick’s epic RAGBRAI run over 6.5 days.

An interesting study out of Denmark would suggest it might be merely mortal.  I hope you’ll read the very quick article,  Here is the excerpt I find most important:
“The subjects were in their 40s and while not competitive athletes, they were experienced; all had completed 80 or more marathons, and at the time were running about 35 miles a week.”

Non-competitive.  They were training for a week of marathon a day, seven days, seven marathons.  On 35 miles a week.  In It To Finish It.  Yawn.

Marathon Legend Michael Wardian announced today that he is going to run two marathons, no big deal for him.  Except this.  He is, as is his approach for every race, In It To Win It.  Ah, but guru you say, he’s been a national class athlete for over a decade, what makes this so extraordinary?

He’s running them both this Sunday.


Michael Wardian, the most prolific competitive marathoner of this generation.   Brian Sypal’s national class twin?