Grandma’s Marathon and Garry Bjorklund Half, this Saturday.  The full starts at 7:45 in the scenic burg of Two Harbors on the North Shore of Minnesota.  The half starts at 6:15 at the halfway point of the marathon.

Sarah Culver, Race Director.  Scott Keenan’s Right Hand for the many years he hosted our USA Half Champs.  She is still dedicated to developing American athletes.  Towards that end kind enough to treat our Grant Wintheiser to the full Elite Package.  Grant’s NRGE mate Nicole Norris will be making her marathon debut.

LRC Racing will have a much, much bigger representation.

I’m amending my prediction for Grant, still sub 1:05, Top  5 overall.

My last Real Marathon was Grandma’s 2012.  In the “age-graded” shape of my life, dnf’d due to hypothermia, dropped at 18, Linda suffered the same fate only 3 miles from the finish.  We will be Sarah’s guests this weekend,  happily returning to one of the  Great American Road Races.

Happy Camper Run and Cornhole to Cornhole on the local calendar, muy, muy popular events that should be ripe for the picking.