Or, lower level highs.

A few things on my annual December to do list.  I’ve traditionally declared a “Best Of” for each year, I’m working on that from my own perspective.  If there is someone or some race or performance or t-shirt or website or anything else you thought was superlative over the last 12 months, shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to give it consideration and at least an honorable mention.

Christmas Wish List has also been an annual feature.  I’ll be doling out what you deserve.

My Annual Christmas Classic may be the most popular/reviled column of the year.  Who or what am I spoofing this year?  I started this in 2008 with “An Ndorfnz Night Before Christmas”, maybe  my favorite effort of the lot.

Sadly, I am missing the 2009 and 2010 editions.  Those appeared on my former website and I don’t have administrative access.  If you have a copy of “How ‘Ol Su Stole Christmas” I’d especially like to have that one.  I’d be mighty appreciative and will include a contributor’s line in my upcoming book for whomever can send.  Yes, I’m still plugging away on my tome, working title is “A Romp Over Omaha.”  An entire chapter will be dedicated to some of my more colorful poems (!) with the Christmas Classics having their own place.

I categorically deny reports that I have been offered the Sports Czar position in Pete Rickett’s cabinet.

2014 was the first time in 10 years that no Nebraska athlete was nominated or selected for USATF’s Athlete Development Program.  I built the program on the back of Nebraska runners and it saddens me that no one took advantage of the free entry, travel stipend, hotel and meals that our USA National Championships provide to the advocacy platform.  A simple nomination from the leadership of our Nebraska USATF member clubs is all it takes.  And a qualifying athlete.  Free money.  Who needs it?