For all y’all headed out to Bethlehem, PA.

Here’s a tip.
Just because you shave your legs doesn’t mean you get to use the women’s restroom.   An iconic incident from the 2007 Club Champs that will live in infamy.  Linda and our mates were there and we know it true.   Don’t tase me bro!


Nebraska’s best ever.  David Adams’ 10th overall in an eye popping 30:02, Seattle 2011.  Stud!

Athletes representing LRC Racing this weekend:
LRC Nebraska – Team A
Mark Abrams, Nolan Border, Phillip Duncan, Tim Grundmayer, Jacob Olson, Clay Simpson, Nolan Zimmer
LRC Nebraska – Team B
Chad Berens, Ryan Dostal, Cole Marolf

LRC Nebraska – Team A
Emily Berzonsky, Erica Doering, Sarah Fowler, Hanna Hegemann, Mary Noel, Elizabeth Starbuck, Kayla Wolf
LRC Nebraska – Team B
Ashlyn Glann

Don’t tase me bro!