Well drats y’all.  It is with some pretty heavy hearts that we announce the V7LM and Half Marathon are going virtual for 2020.  Our second year in a row to be dealt no starter’s pistol.  And after all the Good Clean Living too….

We will be mailing some sweet swag to all registered runners.  We will need to validate all mailing addresses.  If yours has changed from when you registered through Run Sign Up please email with your current regular mailing address.

We want to express how much we appreciate our runners.  You’ve signed up for this race because you want to Run To Your Potential.  On a course designed specifically for that.  Pancake flat, lightning fast, asphalt country roads.  That will all be back on Saturday April 24, 2021.

We want to thank our presenting sponsor Fathom Realty for sticking with us through these hard times.  We also want to thank the Omaha Sports Commission for their support.  And our race committee, volunteers, communities and friends.

We hope you’ll get out between Saturday April 25 and Saturday May 31 of this year and get your full or half completed.  We invite you to share your experience on our facebook page,

Please do check back here at Run Guru Says for updates.