Maybe when you get into your 60s your brain, like a pail under spout, is nearly topped off with knowledge.  Full of a life’s accumulation of perspectives.  Man has, simply and as part of life’s grand design,  experiences commensurate with years.  There is no better teacher than experience.

Where is this tilt headed?  I’m trying to figure out  why I’m having such a time trying to figure  things out.

Here’s some things floating at the top of my bucket.  NIKE sucks.  So does Colin Kaepernick.  Betsy Ross does not suck.

Neighbor Rose is  a brilliant research scientist at Creighton.  Recent discussions have revealed that an overabundance of soy products, with its naturally occurring estrogen,  in the American diet has affected in utero gamete development, corrupting XX, XY into a generation of over feminized males.

Our sport, athletics and running in particular, is trying to keep up with the times.  As an event director I  found the following worthy of  consideration and discussion with  my peers.  From this year’s Western States 100 entry policies:

My brain!  It’s too full!