I was shocked to see 20+ people at last night’s Track Workout.  Given the high heat, humidity, and winds I expected a fraction of that.  These cats are Extremely Dedicated in my opinion and I’m proud of each and every one!  The workout was “Indian File” running.  Broken into 3 groups of similar abilities, 1/4 mile laps are run with a leader maintaining the pole (no passing!).  At the completion of each 400, the leader drops all the way to the rear and the next person leads the group for the next circuit.  This carries on for 8 full laps.  And man is it a toughie!

The three groups soon splintered into runners of similar abilities, comprised of 2-3 athletes at the most.  It is those relatively close in current fitness level that make this workout as hard or as easy as they choose to make it.  And everyone chose Work over Fun.  Did I mention how proud I am of them?  Bottom line is: Water finds its own level!  Even with all things planned, discussed, and attempted (best laid plans of mice and men eh?), the Natural Order always has the final say.

Natural Order.  That is the way the Nebraska running community is shaking out.  There are more and more and even more training groups popping up which is a Tremendous Thing for our state and sport.  We are all finding our own best fit of like minds and like talent to train with, to the benefit of everyone.  Of course I would be disingenuous if I didn’t cock-a-doodle-doo my pride in TNB being at the Very Top of that Order.

A brief description of the annual Ralston 4th of July run, courtesy of our mate Mike Reilly:
“Having grown up in the Ralston area and attending Ralston schools, the Ralston 4th of July Run has a special place in my heart.  This was also my very first
road race way back in 1986 or 1987, and to be honest, the race hasn’t changed much since then.  This is a fun, old school event that is part road race and
part Ralston reunion for all ages.

The loop course is great for spectators, as they can see the runners at the start, the mid-way point, and at
the finish.  For the runners the rolling hills jump up and get you right off the bat and then you get to deal with a long climb up to Q Street.  There is a
little bit of a reprieve after that and then one or two smaller hills to deal with before a nice downhill to complete the first lap and hit those hills once

This race has become a tradition for many families and it also gives you a chance to stake claim to some parade route real estate, although
you’d be surprised at how many blankets and chairs are already set up.”