Today’s few words going out to everyone that has reached out and expressed positive vibes regarding our Nebraska Trail Run and Valley 7 Lakes Marathon being  converted to virtual  events.  Your words have truly been good for our  souls.

The vast majority of the people that have contacted us have been nothing but understanding and sympathetic of the tremendous amount of work on the back end of our races.

A recent New York Times piece articulated particularly well the plight of, especially mom and pop events.  Up to 80% of race entry fees are used to prepare for race day.  Expenses that are significant and irreversible.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. is our 501 (c) 3 not for profit.  It is our administrative entity,  trying to do good work for our community.  A key goal in our events is to be sure and have seed money for the following year.  Not all expenses are up front.

A couple of points worth considering.  I first approached the Twin Rivers YMCA about putting on a world class marathon in 2013 (we settled on our half marathon).  The final product evolved as Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  So its been on my table for the last 7 years.  For nearly the last 3 years we have had dozens and dozens of meetings.  With our race committee, with our sponsors, with our communities, with our vendors.

I’ve brought my 37 years of experience in road race management to every meeting.  Have sunk heart and soul into V7LM, working on it every day, along with my dear sweet Linda.  This labor of love, what we honestly hope will end up being a true gift to the running community.  No one feels this deeper than I do.

Losing  our course to last year’s historic floods was a blow.  Having the covid-19 derail us this year another sucker punch to all our best efforts.

Having said all that, my heart goes out even more to the athletes training diligently to “Run To Your Potential.”  That were pointing to our start line for the opportunity to  run lifetime personal bests.  Remember, that was and is the only purpose for the race- for serious runners to test themselves.   We’ll give it another go next April 24th.  God willing and the creek don’t rise.